Unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking with Online Bootcamp for Teachers

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 Online Bootcamp for Teachers

New Delhi, October 13th, 2023: Kidspreneurship Pte Ltd, a leading company based in Singapore, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for educators involving a 3-day online bootcamp designed to empower teachers with the skills to instil an entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom.

The bootcamp is set to take place on November 28th, 29th and 30th. Over the past three years, Kidspreneurship has successfully trained thousands of students from diverse backgrounds, introducing them to the foundational principles of entrepreneurship.

Building on this success, Kidspreneurship aims to reach ten million students by 2025. This ambitious goal hinges on collaborative efforts with dedicated educators committed to shaping the next generation of innovative thinkers.

The specially designed 3-day online bootcamp is tailored for teachers across all subjects, from English to Mathematics and beyond. It caters to educators eager to understand and implement entrepreneurial mindset and experiential learning principles in their teaching methodologies.

Key Features of the Online Bootcamp include-:

Comprehensive Training: Participants gain essential soft and hard skills to become effective entrepreneurship trainers.

Global Community Access: Enrollees receive exclusive access to a vibrant global community of entrepreneurship trainers, fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas.

Resource Support: Kidspreneurship will furnish comprehensive materials and resources, ensuring teachers have the tools to integrate entrepreneurial concepts seamlessly into their classrooms.

“At Kidspreneurship, we believe that empowering teachers with an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to unlocking the creative potential in every student. Together, we can inspire a generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers,” said Tanya Sarin, Chief Learning Officer, Kidspreneurship Pte Ltd.

To encourage widespread participation, Kidspreneurship is currently offering an exclusive 90% early bird discount till October 31st, 2023. This unprecedented offer allows schools to enrol multiple teachers, making this transformative opportunity accessible to entire teaching teams.

“Empowering teachers with an entrepreneurial mindset is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about igniting a spark that can transform education. At Kidspreneurship, we envision a future where every student has the opportunity to unleash their creative potential, and it all starts with our dedicated educators. Join us in shaping a generation of forward-thinking individuals who can tackle the challenges of tomorrow,’’ said Swati Gauba, Thinker in Chief, Kidspreneurship Pte Ltd.

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