The Potential Of Google Hangouts In Your Business

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Small company owners still appear to be learning about Google+, the social network developed by Google. Google has taken a variety of actions to promote Google+. It has connected a number of apps to Google Plus.

Google Hangouts is one of the programmes. A sort of webcam-based online group meeting called a “hangout” enables members to see and hear each other. Imagine combining a webinar and a video conference into one.

Group presentations can be held online using Hangouts, and they can be automatically recorded for YouTube and archived for later access. With just a few clicks, you may stream live broadcasts straight from your website, YouTube channel, and/or Google+ profile.

Even better, you may upload your saved recorded Hangout videos to your website. Because Hangouts are entirely free to use, if you wanted to try out offering webinars, this is a cost-free method to do it.

What can you actually do with Hangouts, then? Here are four ideas:

Team meetings

It can be difficult to even schedule an in-person team meeting when so many teams have members who are dispersed throughout the country or work from home. Travelling for business meetings can be expensive and time-consuming.

Need to offer the team a Web address or share your screen with them to demonstrate something? With Hangouts, you only need to press a button to accomplish that.

When using Hangouts, the person who currently “holds the floor” and is speaking has their video screen visible in the wide view. The screens of the other participants are minimized until they speak.


Have you ever wished you could impart knowledge and make it accessible online, perhaps to position yourself or a company boss as an authority on a particular subject?

Another option is to launch a webinar series as a component of your content marketing strategy. Or perhaps you want to host a Q&A session for clients or prospects regarding a product offering, either for sales or client support.

An interactive approach to do anything above is through hangouts. The maximum number of active participants in a hangout is 10 (up to 15 with Google+ premium features). They are relatively intimate due to the limited number of active participants, which promotes engagement and inquiries.

You may make your Hangout broadcast public with Google Hangouts On Air. It is possible to record the event, edit the recording, and post it online.

Hangouts are a low-risk alternative if the cost of webinar software has prevented you from experimenting with webinars or client Q&A sessions. Similarly, if you have been worried about the technical aspects of organizing webinars, hangouts are rather simple.

On your first Hangout, you will be prompted to download and install a free Google video chat plugin; it is quick and simple to do so. You don’t need to bother about attempting to synchronize recording software. Start a Hangout, give it a name, and you’re ready to begin.

Offer hours for consulting

You might provide specialized tutoring services. A Hangout session with your client can take the place of time-consuming and expensive travel, emails, and phone calls.

It can set your company apart from rivals, particularly for smaller consultants and experts. You won’t have to pay more to look cutting-edge. Additionally, Hangouts can let you provide a wider range of services, such as paid coaching sessions that you can promote and organize on your website. The only restriction is your imagination.

Press conference

Who said only large corporations can hold news conferences?

Taylor Swift, a recording artist, held a Google+ Hangout to introduce her new album. Taylor fielded questions from fans all across the world, revealed what to anticipate from her album, and unveiled the album’s lead single during the live chat. Faster than any other music in history, her track reached the top of the charts as soon as it was released on iTunes.

Have significant news to make, such as the hiring of a new executive, the launch of a new product, or just to share that you have received an award? You can share the news with the world and create an interactive record of it during a Google Hangout.

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