Shreyas Webmedia Solutions Honors Winners At REC

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6th May 2024-  Shreyas Webmedia Solutions recently collaborated with Rajdhani Engineering College (REC) to organize an inspiring essay competition. Held on April 27th, Saturday, within the esteemed premises of REC, the event aimed not only to showcase the ingenuity of participants but also to instil a sense of responsibility towards addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

While Disturubting Certificates to the Students

Today, on May 6th, Monday, the culmination of this endeavour sees the distribution of prizes amongst the talented young minds who participated fervently. The event was not merely about academic accolades; it served as a platform to engage students in meaningful discourse on a topic of paramount importance – climate change.

The chosen theme, “Climate Change: A Call to Action,” resonated deeply with the participants, prompting them to articulate their thoughts and ideas in Odia and English. The significance of this topic cannot be overstated, as it underscores the urgency of addressing climate-related challenges and emphasizes the pivotal role of the younger generation in effecting positive change.

Shreyas Webmedia Solutions, in collaboration with REC, recognized the imperative to empower students with knowledge and awareness regarding environmental issues. By organizing such events, the company aims to nurture a generation of informed individuals who are not only cognizant of the threats posed by climate change but are also equipped with the tools to advocate for sustainable solutions.

The choice of topic was strategic; it delved into the gravity of the climate crisis while emphasizing the pivotal role education plays in empowering future generations to advocate for change. By engaging students in discussions about climate change, the company focuses on sowing the seeds for a more sustainable future, where environmental stewardship is not just a choice but a collective responsibility.

This event marks just the beginning of a journey, Shreyas Webmedia Solutions envisions extending similar initiatives to other educational institutions, amplifying the reach and impact of such endeavours. By fostering partnerships and collaborations, the company aims to create a network full of creativity and productivity.

The company strives to harness the power of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration for a better future for our youth by engaging them with what they love and encouraging them to use their creativity.

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