Shreyas Webmedia Solutions Collaborates as A Media Partner for The Sradhanjali Musical Event

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10th May 2024- In a touching tribute to the late Suramani Bauri Bandhu Sethi of Odisha, the classical music fraternity is set to come together for “Sradhanjali,” a soulful series celebrating his enduring legacy. Organized over two days on the 8th and 9th of July, the event promises a captivating journey through the timeless melodies. At the heart of this commemoration stands Shreyas Webmedia Solutions, stepping in as the media partner, amplifying the resonance of Sradhanjali.

Media Partner

Sradhanjali stands as a melodic tribute, and Shreyas Webmedia Solutions stands as a media partner to amplify this event. The inauguration of this remarkable event will take place on the 8th of July at the esteemed Ramadevi Women’s College, echoing the melodies that continue to resonate in the hearts of music lovers. The occasion will be graced by esteemed guests, including Prof. Aparajita Chowdhury, Smt. Shyamali Mohapatra, Manoranjan Nayak, and Dr K C Jena, each one will contribute their unique insights and condolences to Sethi’s unparalleled contribution.

Shreyas Webmedia Solutions, with its unwavering commitment to promoting cultural endeavours and artistic expressions, stands as a beacon of support for initiatives like Sradhanjali. Through the partnership, the event is poised to reach a wider audience, ensuring that Sethi’s musical legacy will be a big hit.

As the media partner, Shreyas Webmedia Solutions brings to the forefront its expertise in digital outreach, leveraging its own platforms to spread awareness and appreciation for the rich tapestry of Indian classical music. Through engaging content, live coverage, and immersive experiences, Shreyas aims to capture the essence of musical events.

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