Businesswoman-Philanthropist Sudha Reddy Champions Indian Jewellery on The Global Stage

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Michelle Muscat + Tushar+ SR

Hyderabad: October 16, 2023: Sudha Reddy, Hyderabad’s eminent business personality and ardent philanthropist, played host to the magnificent Shiv Narayan Jewellery exhibit on the 12th of October in the vibrant city of London at The Wallace Collection.

Sudha Reddy played the perfect host at an exclusive London soirée that witnessed the coming together of celebrated personalities from the realms of fashion, jewellery, media, and high society for a preview of Shiv Narayan’s exquisite and regal piece.

Seen in attendance were Joseph Muscat – Former Prime Minister of Malta, Deputy Mayor Councillor Schmetterliqng, Princess Katarina de Silva, Princess Corinna Sayn Wittgenstein, among other dignitaries and celebrities.

This bespoke event championed the spirit of cross-border collaborations as the immaculately dressed industrialist and British Fashion Council patron Reddy, a visionary with a mission to bridge the divide between the splendour of Indian heritage and its global accessibility, expressed great pride and passion in celebrating Indian artistry and craftsmanship.

The evening commenced with a lavish champagne reception, fostering an ambiance of camaraderie among the distinguished guests, affording them a unique opportunity to briefly connect with the brilliant minds behind the brand.

Commenting on her association with the brand, Mrs Reddy said “I am filled with pride today, as I move closer to my goal of spearheading cross-cultural appreciation of Indian culture and craftsmanship on a global scale. As a proud patron of the British Fashion Council and an impassioned connoisseur of art and fashion, my vision is to create a platform that leverages my resources to close the divide between India’s exquisite and intricate artistry and make it more accessible worldwide. At the same time, I seek to honor and celebrate the rich traditions, craftsmanship, and innovative spirit of both nations. I firmly believe that beauty should be shared, and India’s art and culture deserve global recognition and appreciation. So let’s embark on this exhilarating journey and try to champion Indian culture to even greater heights!”

The brand’s London debut showcased a tribute to the resplendent world of Indian jewellery. The exceptional pieces were filled with green emerald creations and the otherworldly charm of aurum wonders.

At the centre of the exhibition, a blend of intricate artistry and ethereal craftsmanship captivated everyone present. Among the treasures showcased, the iconic Ganesha pendant stood tall, among the other pieces proudly holding ten Guinness World Records.

Reddy, a distinguished business tycoon and philanthropist, renowned for her commitment to charitable causes and an ardent lover of the arts and fashion, is no newcomer to the glamorous world of fashion, having left an indelible mark on illustrious red carpets such as the Met Gala, Paris Haute Couture, and the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition with her inimitable presence. As a patron of the British Fashion Council, her global impact extends far beyond the realm of fashion, solidifying her status as an iconic figure who seamlessly melds philanthropy with the elegance of haute couture.

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