Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy with SMO – in 6 Steps

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Social Media Optimization (S M O)

The process of optimizing your content and company for social media is known as social media optimization (SMO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is typically done initially. Creating content that has been optimized for a certain set of keywords that your target audience uses is what this approach entails.

After the material is created, it requires a little further work. It requires just as much effort as any other endeavor to succeed on social media and have your material read, clicked, and shared.

Continue reading to learn how to maximize your use of social media.

Establish a social media style manual

Pull out your editorial style guide and make a note of everything that might relate to social media before you do anything else. Don’t simply focus on, say how you uppercase words; also consider how you interact with rival businesses. Retweeting and commenting on the Tweets of rival businesses, as well as sharing relevant content from small bloggers, can help to strengthen brand loyalty and promote reciprocal sharing.

Give out responsibilities

As you probably already know, editors have become marketers who are in charge of their material in the Internet era. Social media also fall under this. Your editors will likely be in charge of your social media unless you are a major publication with the resources to hire a room full of social media experts. In addition to being the most knowledgeable in the subject matter, they are also likely to be grammar experts and won’t point out any errors. However, if you have a staff for internet marketing, they might have stable positions in social media.

Formulas for social media

Without structure, what is SMO, right? You already know that the 12x12x12 approach is our main focus. For each story, create twelve original Tweets. They should last 12 days. After that, schedule them for a year. Your item will be promoted for a whole year, and you only need to do it once. Write two original posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram. Set a schedule for the first day and follow it up in six months.

Make a number of non-commercial posts

What additional content will you release as part of your SMO plan? Be imaginative and create a collection of photographs you may publish that will inspire remarks, likes, and additional sharing. The secrets to raising your Facebook presence are those.

Choose a course of action for premium content

Social networking and a metered paywall go hand in hand. You may advertise all of your premium content with a metered paywall without upsetting users because they will have access…until they don’t. But when they run out of credits, hitting your paywall will remind them how frequently they want to read your content, and eventually some of those social media users will become paying members.

Include social media in your marketing campaigns

Advertising on social media is another application for them. Publishers are starting to provide co-sponsored or sets of social media postings as a part of their ad packages. If you do this, keep in mind that the advertorial requirements still apply and that you must either use the hashtags #ad or #sponsored to your article or make it abundantly clear that it was sponsored.

Take away

After determining everything mentioned above, it’s time to make your social media calendar. This will be your organizational framework, and it will resemble a hybrid of your editorial and email calendars.

  • Editorial entries are published the same day they are published in addition to being planned for the future.
  • Promotional content is published the same day that it is sent to your email list.
  • Branded content will be published on the days that you choose.
  • Additionally, advertisements will be posted on the days you specify.

Create this calendar to help your editorial and marketing teams succeed. They will receive a kind of checklist so they will know exactly what is leaving and when. When it comes to social media, there are always a lot of moving parts; therefore the structure will make the process more fun. In fact, if you do everything on this list in that sequence, your team will be successful. Try it!

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