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How To Develop Outstanding Content Strategy For A Blog

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With a written blog strategy, your chances of success are essentially doubled. A written plan increases your chances of success and saves you the hours you would have otherwise spent on the incorrect promotion strategies, topics, and influencer relationships.

Steps to Creating a Content Strategy for a Blog

  • Set objectives.
  • Carry out some market research.
  • Create topical ideas and target keywords.
  • Make a calendar of your content.
  • Develop fantastic content.

Set objectives

A clearly defined goal will motivate you to push through all the other steps, and challenges that are certain to arise.

Just two or three of these goals should be included in your blog content strategy. Any more and your blog will lose focus and cease to function altogether. Your objectives should be specific

Carry out some market research

Investigate your target market.

Ask yourself some thoughtful questions.

Where do they spend their online time?

What is their biggest workplace complaint?

What kind of information or articles do they prefer to read?

Create topical ideas and target keywords

The foundation of any successful blog content strategy are keywords. You will have a difficult time ranking well on search engines without them. You’ll struggle even more to get a lot of steady traffic if you don’t rank on search engines.

Look for keywords with a high search volume and moderately low competition that you want to rank for.

Write dazzling blog posts with your primary keywords in the title, body, headers, and image alt text.

Gain backlinks to that article using your primary keywords as the anchor text by working hard to do so.

Make a calendar of your content

A content calendar helps you stay organized and establishes a system to guarantee that your content is always excellent and released on schedule. To make things simple and organized, the best calendars also include social sharing and email marketing information.

Develop fantastic content

A great piece of content must be well-written, use proper grammar and spelling, and refrain from using overly technical terms or language.

Researched meaning demonstrates your diligence by using statistics, case studies, and examples.

Rich in media refers to having a lot of excellent and extremely pertinent images.

Use a lot of headers, subheaders, bulleted lists, block quotes, bolding, and italics to make the text easy to scan.

What Facts and Figures have to say?

  • According to a finding, only 32% of businesses with purely verbal content strategies are successful, compared to 60% of businesses with written content strategies.
  • Blogging, according to 52% of marketers, is the most important marketing strategy.


It will save you countless hours of frustration to have a written blog content strategy. You’ll also experience a lot more success. An awesome blog content strategy can be created in a matter of hours. This approach to creating blog content is like honing your axe. If you take the time to prepare it, you’ll be much better prepared and probably have more fun.


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